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General rental conditions

Section 1 

Les Saintes Location, “the renter” offers electric bikes and electric scooters for hire with their equipment, namely: electric assistance system, batteries and helmet(s).

Section 2 

The rental takes effect when the lessee takes possession of the vehicle and accessories covered by this contract.
The risks are then transferred to the tenant who assumes full responsibility, until they are returned.
This contract is in force for the duration of the defined rental. Any change in the duration must be stipulated and paid for in advance in consultation with the lessor. If the tenant keeps the equipment beyond the defined period without having regularized his situation, he loses the benefit of all the guarantees provided for in the contract.
The vehicle is delivered by the lessor in good working order, which the lessee acknowledges.

Section 3 : Payment and methods of payment

The service is payable in advance and at the latest upon collection of the rented vehicle.
No unpaid reservation can guarantee the availability of a vehicle.
The accepted payment methods are cash and credit card.

Section 4 : Use of the rented vehicle

The lessee is the driver of the vehicle. Any other driver must be designated before the vehicle is picked up. His name should be
specified in the contract.
The designated driver undertakes to use the rented vehicle himself.
Any loan or subletting is prohibited.
Any modification or intervention, including in the event of a breakdown on the rented vehicle, is prohibited.
Assistance should be called in the event of a breakdown, an accident with or without a third party, or for any other reason preventing the continuation of normal and risk-free use of the rented vehicle.
The driver declares his ability to drive the vehicle covered by the contract, thus, he declares to be the holder of the permits, certificates necessary for driving the vehicle covered by the contract.
The tenant agrees to use the vehicle with caution, without danger for third parties in accordance with the regulations concerning the directions of traffic, parking spaces and pedestrian paths in force on the island, and of course with the greatest respect for the Traffic Laws.
Circulation with rented vehicles is prohibited on the beaches.
Wearing a helmet is recommended for bicycles and mandatory for scooters.
In the event of theft of the equipment, the lessee must notify the lessor, file a complaint with the competent authorities and provide a photocopy of the complaint.

Section 5 : Liability for breakages – theft.

The lessee does not benefit from any insurance for damage to the rented vehicle. Its liability and its deposit for the said damage, breakage, theft and puncture are engaged.

Section 6 : Deposit 

The tenant must leave a deposit (CB pre-authorization) when picking up the vehicle. After checking the condition of the vehicle when it is returned, the pre-authorization is lifted, less any damage provided for in section 5.

Section 7 : Vehicle return

The return of the rented vehicle takes place at the scheduled time at the place of pick-up of the vehicle.

Section 8 : Jurisdictions 

In the event of any dispute relating to this contract, the competent Court will be that of the registered office of the lessor’s company to which the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction.

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