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About Us

Les Saintes Location

In love with Les Saintes and their heritage, we seek to participate in more eco-responsible tourism thanks to electric vehicles.

Protect Terre-de-Haut

Enjoy Les Saintes guilt-free while driving green!

Fight against noise pollution

Traveling on a two-wheeler is good, silently is better !

No fuel costs

Going electric means reducing carbon emissions, but also no longer having to go to the pump.

A tailor-made service

We will be happy to assist you in your reservation.

Les Saintes : breathtaking history and landscapes, a fragile ecosystem

Small by the size, Les Saintes has a breathtaking history and ecosystem.

Les Saintes were formed as a result of volcanic activity. Terre-de-Haut was formed 4.5 million years ago against 2 million years for Terre-de-Bas.

Visited by the Arawaks, the original people of Guadeloupe, they were only inhabited from 1648. They are prized for their strategic position and belong in turn to France and England. Traces of this tumultuous past are still visible, including the unmissable Fort Napoléon and Ilet Cabrit, today uninhabited, but which served as a penitentiary at the time.

There is a luxuriant but endangered fauna and flora added to the history. The iguana delicatissima, for example, is endangered.  Les Saintes is also home to hummingbirds, dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays. If you come in January or February, you might even be able to spot whales ! Just as many reasons to visit Les Saintes by adopting environmentally-friendly gestures !

Why travel by two-wheeler to Les Saintes ?

Terre-de-Haut is a small island criss-crossed by narrow roads. Renting a scooter to cruise throughout Les Saintes is generally the locals and tourists preferred option ! In a sportier mood ? Consider renting an electric bike !

Our identity

Les Saintes Location is an agency specializing in the rental of electric vehicles in Terre-de-Haut. We are committed to making people discover the Saintes and to welcome each of our customers with efficiency, seriousness and kindness.

Our vision

We believe in a greener present and future. The small archipelagos of the Caribbean are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change and it is important that everyone participates on their own scale !

Our mission

We aim to make tourism in Les Saintes more responsible. To do this, we dedicate our activity to renting electric vehicles accessible to all and less polluting. The best way to get around in Les Saintes: it’s logical, it’s ecological, it’s electric !

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